A History of Health Care

Universal Pediatrics has been providing high-quality home health care for children and young adults for almost 30 years.

Universal's very first case was in 1985, involving a child with bronchopulmonary dysplasia in Burlington, Iowa. Until this time, a ventilator-dependent child had never been discharged to home care in a rural location, anywhere.

The child had been hospitalized for 2 years prior to discharge, with little hope of release. Universal Pediatrics stepped up to the challenge, developing a care plan that provided the security and assurance that both physicians and the family required prior to discharging. This was the first of many patients Universal has welcomed home to a loving environment. It is an excellent example of Universal's philosophy in action: We are committed to providing the highest quality home healthcare.

Universal Pediatrics was founded by Connie Freeman, a registered nurse, who was working for a home care company and recognized the lack of care providers for high-tech children in rural areas. Connie decided to open an agency with a primary focus on high-tech children, regardless of their location. Her passion quickly turned Universal Pediatrics into an operation with offices in over 15 states. Connie's vision and dedication also earned the 1992 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

In 1995, Connie started another home care company, Ultimate Nursing Services, that focused on the same quality of home care but devoted exclusively to the state of Iowa. Both companies earned the #1 and #2 spots in the Des Moines Business Record's "Top Home Care Providers" for the past 13 years. Although Connie retired in 2009, the companies continued to gain national attention, with one of the two companies being featured in Inc. Magazine's "Fastest Growing Companies" for 7 consecutive years.

Founder Connie Freeman and current owner and CEO Tucker Anderson at Inc. conference

Founder Connie Freeman and current owner and CEO Tucker Anderson at Inc. conference

In May 2014, the current owner, Tucker Anderson, decided it was time to use one name for both companies and adopted "Universal Pediatrics." The focus of the companies throughout the years has always been the pediatric population. By unifying the names with a clear commitment to "pediatrics," we are building on the promise that begins with our motto: "Your child. Your home. Our passion."