Health Care Service Areas

Your child deserves quality care in a comfortable, secure and loving atmosphere. Your home is that perfect place.

Service Area Map

Whether you live in an urban or rural setting, Universal Pediatrics brings care direct to your home.

Find a Universal Pediatrics office near you with our service map above.

  • Iowa
    (800) 383-0303 Toll Free
  • Northwest Iowa*
    (800) 930-1641 Toll Free
  • Western Iowa*
    (855) 893-8116 Toll Free
  • Central Iowa
    (800) 333-5185 Toll Free
  • East Central Iowa
    (800) 383-1303 Toll Free
  • Eastern Iowa*
    (844) 633-1138 Toll Free
  • South Dakota
    (877) 907-1218 Toll Free

*Sheldon, Sioux City and Dubuque Offices are accredited by ACHC