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What exactly makes a good leader? Confidence, passion, commitment and the ability to inspire others – just to name a few.  Tucker Anderson, CEO and owner of Universal Pediatrics, embodies these characteristics, and more.  Tucker is responsible for the overall performance, vision, purpose and growth of Universal Pediatrics, and that is a big job that he takes very seriously.  Tucker grew up watching his mother, Connie, create this business and he keeps her in mind every day as he continues to build a long-lasting business with a strong company culture.  Tucker is committed to the success of not just his organization, but his employees as well, and this commitment has helped Universal Pediatrics become the organization that it is today.  When he isn’t in the office or visiting one of our locations, Tucker can be found spending time with his family, playing golf or attending sporting events.



We asked:

What's the best part of your job? I get to work in an industry of professionals that their number one objective is caring. I think CEO's in any industry would like their employees to care more about their clients/co-workers/families and with our group that is one thing we do not have to coach. Tears are part of the experience in home care and we shed them almost daily. My Compliance Officer, Jan Miller (who I’ve worked with for 20 years) always reminds me how soft I am……….that reinforces my decision to be in home care and is a reflection of the nurses I surround myself with.

What can you not live without? I have a new daughter that I cannot stop looking at and thinking about. Oh and Casey’s pizza.

What is your favorite Universal Pediatrics memory? I have so many fond memories of working with my mother in this company. I would say back when we started opening offices in Florida, all at the same time………at one point we had three offices going through Medicare certification and I was the Administrator of all three! We were doing Diabetic teachings and Connie would be doing the injections on these clients, we had 30 active clients with just Connie and I, no outside nursing contracted at all. I think another fond memory was Connie working the Iowa State Fair. She loved manning the booth and getting to meet our clients as they came through the fair, every year she wanted to do something for each client she met, and every year I reminded her whatever she was thinking was against Medicare regulation………but it never failed, the next year she would come to me with a new idea based on a need one of our disabled children had.

What is your favorite sports team? This is a no brainer, Syracuse University. I graduated there back in 1997 and follow the Orange in every sport, especially hoops! I also enjoy the Altanta Braves, Tampa Bay Bucs, and the LA Lakers.


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