Meet Lacey!

Billing Manager

As Universal Pediatrics' Billing Manager, Lacey accomplishes what others consider challenging: to ensure payment is received and on time. Lacey has become a rising star since joining the company in winter of 2017. Lacey’s down to earth personality, willingness to never give-up, and positive attitude motivate her to complete her task at hand.  She can often be found on the phone, talking to insurance companies or school districts, working diligently on behalf of Universal Pediatrics and our clients. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends while cheering on the Vikings. Skol on, Lacey!


We asked:

What's the best part of your job? The work environment and the people in it! There is the right amount of fun and stress that makes coming to work every day enjoyable.

What can you not live without? Frosted Berry Xyiences

What is your favorite Universal Pediatrics memory or event? Having a blast golfing at summer sizzle

What is your favorite sports team? Loyal Minnesota Vikings fan

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