Meet Nichole!

Associate Director of Nursing

Nichole Huete joined the Universal Pediatrics team in 2019 and has hit the ground running ever since her first day! Nichole’s time with Universal Pediatrics started as a Clinical Manager, when she was then promoted to Sr. Clinical Manager in August 2022, and again to the Associate Director of Nursing in Spring 2023. In 2021, Nichole was the recipient of the Universal Pediatrics Watch Out Award, which honors an employee whose contributions to the agency’s mission are above and beyond, and who is looked at as an example of excellence. Nichole is someone who never waivers in putting clients needs first.


Which of our core ICARE values best represents you? Excellence encompasses all our ICARE values and best represents me because I strive to do better. I want our clients and families, as well as my fellow coworkers, to be able to count on me to listen, problem solve, and help change their situation to achieve the best possible outcome.

What can you not live without?  Coffee, my boys, chapstick, a good book

What excites you about your role with Universal Pediatrics? We are a one-of-a-kind company that strives to make a difference and I am so proud to be a part of that. We allow families to be together and function in the community. We help clients reach milestones and live their best lives. We introduce nurses to another level of nursing that is beyond rewarding. I am excited to be a part of nursing operations to assist all of our nurses in their compassionate care.

 What is your favorite sports team? Go Pack Go, also I love to play soccer, not watch it on TV,  I am in a summer league!



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